Quality products

DOC Kaas is first and foremost all about cheese: Cheese that goes well with bread, but can also be melted for fondue, used in snacks and in the pizza industry. In short - DOC Kaas processes fresh milk into top-quality cheese for the professional cheese-processing industry and for export.

Our customers can therefore count on a wide selection of rindless and natural matured cheese, cheese with or without holes and cheese with various fat and salt contents. In view of efficiency, the shape of most of our cheese types is rectangular, but we also produce a large selection of round types of cheese. Everything is customised according to the wishes of our customers. The name DOC also stands for Dutch Original Cheese, our international trademark.


With an eye on the quality of our products, we have invested immensely in state-of-the-art technology for treating milk (bactofugation) and the cheese-making methods (Casomatic). By using measuring devices and sample points in the production lines, our lab personnel constantly monitor the quality of our production process and the composition of the product. These measures give DOC Kaas a leading edge.