Corporate Social Responsibility is a matter-of-course at DOC Kaas. Everything we do is underlined by the respect for mankind, the environment and society.

  • Reduction of energy and water consumption:  we constantly invest in knowledge, technology and equipment to further reduce the consumption of energy. For example, our own combined heating & power station enables us to reuse the heat released during production. Water is extracted from the milk and recycled. We use this in the production, as cooling water and for sanitary purposes, making DOC Kaas entirely self-reliant in terms of water. Finally, emission reduction during transport is also a high priority on our list of sustainable aspects. By processing whey in our own site, we minimise transport. Moreover, the tankers that collect milk from our members drive on green gas, which significantly reduces CO2.
  • The Sustainable Dairy Chain Scheme: As a member of the Dutch Dairy Association (Dutch: NZO) DOC Kaas acts responsibly.  In 2008, the NZO and LTO (Dutch Federation of Agriculture & Horticulture) took a joint initiative to make the dairy chain even more sustainable and thereby make it future-proof. The result is the launching of the Sustainable Dairy Chain Scheme based on 3 themes: Energy and climate, Focus on Cows (animal welfare) and Bio-diversity (landscape and the environment). As a member of NZO, DOC also participates in these schemes.

As input for the Sustainable Dairy Chain Scheme, NZO and/or LTO have concluded a number of covenants with the Dutch government. These covenants concern – among others – energy consumption and saving, animal care and welfare, and the use of antibiotics in animal husbandry:

- Weidegang Covenant: DOC is one of the signatories to the Weidegang Convenant.,18juni2012.pdf

- Covenant for Clean and Efficient Agri Sectors:

- Execution schedule for Sustainable Cattle Farms:

- Covenant for antibiotic resistance in animal husbandry:

- MJA3 Covenant:

On the site www.duurzamezuivelketen you will find more information about the scheme.

  • Together with our members: We have carried out an extensive inventory among the members of DOC Kaas with regard to the activities related to sustainability. This concerns activities at our own dairy company. This inventory provides input for additional specifications for CSR within DOC Kaas. Our vision is towards two aspects: the production of milk in the farming sector and the further processing of the milk.
  • In June 2012, the Duurzaam Ondernemen Centraal (DOC) project (English: Central Sustainable Enterprising project) was initiated. This project takes into account the input of a group of 90 DOC Kaas members. These members originate from all the DOC Kaas districts and they constitute a fair reflection of its membership. The task of this group is to provide input for a sustainability concept for DOC Kaas, which will be within the framework of the agreements made in the Sustainable Dairy Chain scheme.
  • Cow Compass: The Cow Compass is a management tool for dairy farmers. It is a monitoring system that allows you, together with the veterinarian, to monitor food and water, accommodations, animal welfare, milking, work routines, young stock breeding and animal health. By means of a risk analysis, the Cow Compass shows you where the strong points of the business are and where steps can be taken for improvement.